Important Notice to Kramer Family Members Concerning
Cancellation of 2020 Reunion
Kramer Reunion
Kramer Reunion, June 27, 2020

Hello Kramer Cousins,

Due to the unfortunate conditions created by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the Executive
Committee is officially cancelling the planned 59th Reunion that was scheduled for Saturday, June 27,
2020.  Even if the government (national and local) allows gatherings to take place by that time, we agreed
that it is in our best interest – especially those of our older family members – to cancel the gathering to help
to protect the health of all of us.  Although we will miss seeing everyone, we decided that it is better err on
the side of caution.

We are trying to figure out if there might be an option to do something else later this year to commemorate
our 59th year of “reunion-ing”.  Possibly some kind of on-line social event that people could participate in.  
As the committee brainstorms ideas, we will let everyone know if/when we come up with anything.  If any of
you have any ideas, please let me know and I will pass them along.  To keep postage costs down, updates
will be sent by email, so please make sure I have your email address if you want to stay informed!  If you
don’t have email, please ask another family member to keep you informed.  You can also check our website,
as I will try to post any updates on there, as well.

We will definitely plan to meet again next June to gather for our 60th (or 59th “do-over”) Reunion on June
26, 2021.  The committee also discussed possible changes for future reunions as well, such as making sure
we have ample outdoor space to be able to practice social distancing, as needed - which our current
location does allow.  We will probably not be able to gather indoors in smaller rooms for quite some time.  
Also, we may have to eliminate the reunion “buffet”, or at least come up with a safer way for handling food
to prevent cross-contamination.  But at least now we have time to consider many options.

Please do continue to let us know about any family news and/or events that you have.  We still want to help
everyone to stay in touch as much as possible during these isolating times.
As for now, everyone please stay safe and healthy!

Bethanne Cassidy, Kramer Reunion Secretary  
126 Hickory Drive, Hatfield, PA  19440

And the rest of the Kramer Reunion Executive Committee:
Barry Hinkle, President                        Judie Herb, 2nd Vice President
Janice Kramer, 1st Vice President       Donna Usavage, Treasurer
                                                             Rhonda Geyer, Entertainment Coordinator