Family Happenings - 2010
Kramer Reunion
This page has been created to highlight things happening to our family
members.  Our reunions always make note of marriages, births, and
deaths, but there are many other special events that happen in our family
that can be shared with everyone!  If you or a family member have had a
graduation, received a scholarship, earned a special award, had a great
vacation, received a promotion, started a new job, celebrated a special
event or any other kind of occasion, please
email Bethanne Cassidy with
the details and we will post it here!
Christine Herb Judie
Herb, granddaughter of
Florence & Joe Haenn)
contributed a number of
photographs to a new
book by Christopher
Long about the rock
band 'Poison', called "A
Shot of Poison".  
Christine and
Christopher Long held
a book signing at the
Lehigh Valley Mall in
Allentown, PA on
August 7, 2010.
Christine has
photographed many
rock bands and has
had her photos used by
the bands themselves,
and also published in
Allison Usavage (daughter of Donna and Greg Usavage, granddaughter of Janice Kramer)
is currently studying Cinema & Photography with a minor in Integrated Marketing
Communications at Ithaca College in Central New York, and is planning to graduate in Spring
2011.  In the summer of 2009, she interned at
Wonderful Machine, and had the opportunity to
assist photographers Bill Cramer and Shea Roggio on shoots for clients such as Bauer, The
National Geographic Channel, Business Week, and 94.1 WYSP.  She also had the October
2009.  Allison spent the summer of 2010 in Los Angeles interning with photographer Jill
Greenberg and at NBC Universal in the Off-Air advertising department.  She is a student
member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the Society of Publication
Designers.  She served as Photography Editor for the weekly Ithacan newspaper, does
photography work for Ithaca college and Ithaca business clients and regularly assists Little
Wing Studio with wedding photography.  Visit her website at