August 11, 1991
Kramer Reunion
The 27th annual reunion of the descendants of Hannah and Aaron Kramer was held at the home
of Lloyd and Tina Kramer, Silverdale, on Sunday, August 11, 1991.  Forty-four attended.

President Lloyd Kramer presided at the business meeting after a tasty smorgasbord spread.

The secretary read the minutes from the 1990 reunion, and they were approved.  She also read
notes from Arlene Smith and Marie Rees.

Grace Knapp, historian, reported 2 births:
Tyler William, son of Tracy and Kerry Kramer, born February 21, 1989
Allison Danielle, daughter of Donna and Greg Usavage, born October 2, 1990.
There were no deaths.

Treasurer Bob Hinkle reported a balance of $40.16.  This year's auction netted $61.25.  
Expenses were games committee, $40.00; rental of chairs and tables, $21.00; host, $5.00; and
postage, $9.88, for a total of $75.88.

The following were elected officers for the coming year:
Clyde Kramer - President
Lloyd Kramer - Vice President
Margaret Sterner - Secretary
Bob Hinkle - Treasurer
Grace Knapp - Historian

The games committee, Donna Usavage and Janice Kramer, awarded the following prizes:
youngest present - Allison Usavage
oldest present - George Knapp
most recently married - Donna and Greg Usavage
longest married couple - Grace and George Knapp
traveled the farthest - Sherry Knapp (Mass.)
Also, prize for guessing the correct number of pieces of candy in jar - tie between Lloyd Kramer
and Mark Kramer.  Also, prize for guessing the mystery object in a box - tie between Marian
Hinkle and Sean Kramer.

Next year's reunion will be held at a site and time to be determined later.  Next year's game
committee will be Eileen Bengtson and Donna Usavage.

Those attending were:  Tina and Lloyd Kramer; Edna Kramer; Glenn Kramer; Kerry, Tracy, Tyler
and Lori Kramer; Marilyn and Clyde Kramer; Barry and Betsy Hinkle;  Marian Hinkle; Bob Hinkle;
Bob and Janice Kramer; Todd Kramer and Kim (guest); Greg, Donna and Allison Usavage;
Nancy, Bethanne and Rhonda Knapp; Kenneth Knapp; Liz Steich; Sherry Knapp; Julie and
Kenny Knapp; Robin, Cindy, Sean, Matthew and Heather Kramer; Grace and George Knapp;
Mark E. Kramer; Ron, Brenda, Chris, Rachel and Sara Hinkle; Peg Kramer; Margaret Sterner

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret K. Sterner, Secretary