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August 12, 1990
Kramer Reunion
The 26th annual reunion of the descendants of Hannah and Aaron Kramer was held at Bonnie
and Bob Hinkle's home, 111 Orchard Rd, Perkasie, on Sunday, August 12, 1990.  Thirty-nine

After a sumptuous meal, president Lloyd Kramer conducted a business meeting.

The secretary read the minutes of last year's reunion, and they were approved.  She read a
note from Helen and Dave Jones.

Bob Hinkle, treasurer, reported a balance of $73.08 after expenses totalling $56.67 were paid.

Grace Knapp, historian, reported that Willard Curtis died on July 31, 1990.  Also, one birth was
reported: Victoria Kristina was born to Kerry and Tracey Kramer on August 4, 1990, at the
Grandview Hospital in Sellersville.

Janice Kramer, game committee chairlady, awarded the following prizes:
oldest person present - George Knapp
youngest person present - Sara Patricia Hinkle
person who traveled the farthest - Eileen and Paul Bengtson
most recently married - Donna and Greg Usavage
Edna Kramer won the prize for guessing the closest number of M&M's in a jar.

Janice Kramer and Eileen Bengtson were appointed to the game committee for next year's
reunion, which will be held on the second Sunday of August at a site to be determined later.

The present slate of officers -
president - Lloyd Kramer
vice president - Clyde Kramer
secretary - Margaret Sterner
treasurer - Bob Hinkle
was re-elected.

After the business meeting, Lloyd auctioneered various articles, netting $33.75.

Those who attended the reunion were:  Ron, Brenda, Chris, Rachel and Sara Hinkle; Betsy and
Barry Hinkle; Bob Hinkle; Donna and Greg Usavage; R. Todd Kramer;  Clyde and Marilyn
Kramer; Robin, Cindy, Sean, Matthew and Heather Kramer; Edna and Glenn Kramer; Bob and
Janice Kramer; Marian K. Hinkle; Nancy, Bethanne and Rhonda Knapp and Jeb W.; Kenny
Knapp and Liz Steich; Ruth Garrett; Eileen and Paul Bengtson; George and Grace Knapp; Lloyd
and Tina Kramer; Anne and Margaret Sterner

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret Sterner, Secretary