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Hobby & Recreation Group
August 16, 1987
Kramer Reunion
The twenty-third annual reunion of the Aaron and Hannah Kramer family was held on the above
date at the home of Robert and Bonnie Hinkle, 111 Orchard Road, Perkasie, PA.  There were
56 in attendance.  The weather was perfectly beautiful and many enjoyed the pool.

President Lloyd Kramer conducted the business meeting.  Minutes from the 1986 reunion were
read and approved.

A note was read from Carol Rees McCray, of Charlotte, NC.

There were no deaths or births to report.  However, Karen Pritz and Jay Seshadri have adopted
Raman, born in India on February 10, 1986, who arrived in Minneapolis on May 22, 1987.

Kim Haenn and John Walker were married on September 6, 1986.

Election of officers was held with the following results:  President - Lloyd Kramer; Vice President
- Clyde Kramer; Secretary - Margaret Sterner; Treasurer - Robert Hinkle.  Judy and Christine
Herb were appointed to the game committee.

Prizes were awarded to the following: Most recently wed - Donna Usavage; Oldest person
present - George Knapp; Youngest person present - Rachel Hinkle, 15 months; Traveled the
furthest - Dan Garrett.

President Lloyd Kramer served as auctioneer for the annual sale.  He also announced that the
1988 reunion will be here at Bob Hinkle's.

The treasurer reported $57.09 as the 1986 balance.

1987 auction $32.32.  Expenses: rental of tables and chairs -$15.00; prizes -$12.00; post cards
-$6.16; Bob Hinkle -$10.00.  Total Expenses -$43.16.  1987 balance in the treasury is $46.25.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret K. Sterner, Secretary

1987 Attendance: Edna M. Kramer and Glenn; Kerry and Tracey Kramer; Marilyn and Clyde
Kramer; Robin, Cindy, Sean and Matthew Kramer; Lloyd and Tina Kramer; Terry, Doris,
Gretchen and Tara Bossert; Grace and George Knapp; Kenneth Knapp and Elizabeth Steich;
Nancy, Bethanne and Rhonda Knapp; Brian Poster; Eileen and Paul Bengtson; Dan Garrett;
Ruth Garrett; Florence and Joe Haenn; Don, Judie and Christine Herb; Dave and Helen Jones;
Patricia and Heather Buskirk; Eddie Jones; Marian Hinkle; unreadable name; Alberta Frie; Bob,
Janice and Todd Kramer; Donna and Greg Usavage; Ron, Brenda, Chris and Rachel Hinkle;
Bob and Bonnie Hinkle; Margaret, Dave and Anne Sterner; Joe Marx.