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Hobby & Recreation Group
August 17, 1986
Kramer Reunion
The twenty-second annual reunion of the Aaron and Hannah Kramer family was held on August
17, 1986 at the home of Robert and Bonnie Hinkle, 111 Orchard Road, Perkasie, PA.

There were 32 in attendance.  Due to rain we had to bring the tables in the garage for our

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

A letter from Donald and Lois Pritz was read informing us of the birth of a son to David and Gail
Pritz (who live in Hawaii) named Nathan Thomas, March 17, 1986.  Mark and Ginny Kramer
were in the states but unable to come to the reunion due to Ginny's mother's poor health; they
will just visit her.

There was no record of Elmer Kramer's death in the minutes.  It was May 10, 1980.  Mabel
Kramer (Mrs. Warren Kramer) died January 9, 1986.

Donna Lynn Kramer (daughter of Robert L. and Janice H. Kramer) was married to Gregory
Usavage, September 7, 1985.  Rachel Nicole was born to Ronald and Brenda Hinkle, April 28,
1986.  A daughter to Karl and Carol Kramer born 1985.

Oldest man present - George Knapp; Oldest woman present - Grace Knapp; The latest married
couple present were Robert and Bonnie Hinkle, June 1984; Youngest child present - Rachel
Nicole Hinkle, 4/28/86.

Officers elected: President - H. Lloyd Kramer; Vice President - Clyde Kramer; Secretary -
Margaret Sterner; Treasurer - Robert Hinkle; Game Committee - Judy and Christine Herb.

The 1987 reunion to be held at Robert Hinkle's 3rd Sunday in August.

Treasurer's report:
1985 balance $48.16                        Expenses, games and prizes $17.32
Auction Sale $39.00                          Tables and Chairs                 $12.75
total       $87.16                                                      total           $30.07

1986 Balance $57.09

Acting Secretary,
Marian K. Hinkle

1986 Attendance

David and Helen Jones; Nancy and Rhonda Knapp; Ruth Garrett; Grace and George Knapp;
Kenneth Knapp; Liz Steich; Edna M. Kramer; Glenn Kramer; Robert and Bonnie Hinkle; Don,
Judie and Chris Herb; Ron and Brenda Hinkle, Chris and Rachel; Lloyd and Tina Kramer;
Eileen and Paul Bengtson; Florence and Joe Haenn; Dan Garrett; Bob and Janice Kramer;
Barry and Betsy Hinkle; Marian Hinkle.