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Hobby & Recreation Group
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Hobby & Recreation Group
August 18, 1985
Kramer Reunion
The twenty-first Annual Reunion of the Aaron and Hannah Kramer family was held August 18th,
1985 at the Silverdale Park, Silverdale,Pa, instead of Robert Hinkle's as was planned, because
of inclement weather.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  43 attended.

The Historian reported the marriage of Joseph Haenn to Lynn Marie VanScoyoc, August 4,
1984.  Matthew Shea was born to Robin and Cindy Kramer, September 4, 1984.  Mrs. Harvey
(Edna Detweiler) Bishop died May 24, 1985.  Carol Diane Rees and Michael Thomas Roderick
McCray were married March 30, 1985.

The following officers were elected to the year:
President - Lloyd Kramer
1st Vice President - Margaret Sterner
2nd Vice President - Clyde Kramer
VP of International Affairs - Mark Kramer
Secretary - Margaret Sterner
Treasurer - Robert L. Hinkle
Game Committee - Robin and Cindy Kramer

Matthew Shea Kramer was the youngest.   Joseph Haenn and Lynn Van Scoyoc - most recent
George Knapp - oldest man present;  Grace Knapp - oldest woman present;  Mark Kramer
came the farthest (from England).

Treasurer's report: Balance 1984 $35.61
Auction sale     $28.00
collection         $10.15
Bills, games and park rental  -$20.00
mailing                                  -$5.60

1985 Balance            $48.16

Marian Hinkle, Secretary

1985 attendance      

Mark E. Kramer; Clyde and Marilyn Kramer; Robin, Cindy, Sean and Matthew Kramer; Margaret
Sterner and Anne; Donald, Judith and Christine Herb; Kenneth Knapp; Paul and Eileen
Bengtson; Bill and Dan Garrett; Leonard, Nancy, Bethanne and Rhonda Knapp and guest Ellan
Botti; Joseph and Lynn Haenn; Ruth Garrett; Joseph and Florence Haenn; Robert and Bonnie
Hinkle; Lloyd and Tina Kramer; Walter, Marlene, Jenny and Chris Fidler; Donna Kramer; Todd
Kramer; Robert and Janice Kramer; Edna and Glenn Kramer; Edward Jones; Christopher
Hinkle; Marian Hinkle