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Hobby & Recreation Group
August 20, 1989
Kramer Reunion
The 25th Annual Kramer Reunion was held at the home of Lloyd and Tina Kramer, Silverdale,
on Sunday, August 20th, with 44 in attendance. The weather was pleasant that day in the midst
of a very wet summer.

After eating from a bountiful table, a business meeting was conducted by the president, Lloyd
Kramer.  The secretary read the minutes, and they were approved after the treasurer noted
that the balance in the treasury is $51.28 instead of $50.28.

Notes were read from some relatives who were unable to attend: Gail and Dave Pritz from
Hawaii, Helen and Dave Jones from Florida, Arlene and Royce Smith from Maryland, Lois and
Don Pritz from Texas, and Florence and Joe Haenn from Florida.  Helen Jones included a
recipe for Fluffy Sweet Potatoes.

Historian Grace Knapp reported no deaths and 1 birth - Sara Patricia Hinkle, born in Baltimore,
Maryland, on July 3, 1989 to Brenda and Ronald Hinkle.

Election of officers was held.  The present slate of officers - President: Lloyd Kramer, Vice
President: Clyde Kramer; Secretary: Margaret Sterner; and Treasurer: Bob Hinkle - were
elected unanimously.  A new office, Second Vice President, was instituted, and Leonard Knapp
was elected to that position unanimously.

Prizes were awarded to the following:  Youngest, Sara Patricia Hinkle, 7 weeks old, $5.00;
Oldest, George Knapp, $2.00, which he declined; and tho the one who traveled the farthest
(from England), Mark Kramer, a plaque not to exceed $10.00 will be sent to him by the
secretary as a gift form the Kramer family.

Lloyd Kramer auctioned off a variety of objects.  The total amount gained from the auction sale
was $33.75.

The treasurer reported that the expenses for this year's reunion were $6.70 for postage and $?
for the rental of the tables and chairs.  The balance in the treasury is $40.16.

Addresses were updated.  Arlene and Royce Smith now live in Henderson, Maryland; Carolyn
and James Smith in Felton, Delaware; Fay and Richard Tomredle in Carlisle, PA; Linda and
Richard Carroll in Easton, MD; Cheryl and Tim Thompson in Bowie, MD; and Lois and Don Pritz
in Kerrville, TX.

Next year's reunion will be held the third Sunday in August, the 19th, at a site to be determined
later.  Doris Bossert and Molly Fidler will serve on the game committee.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret K. Sterner, Secretary

1989 attendance

Marilyn and Clyde Kramer; Mark Kramer; Ken, Carol Lee, Katie and Ben Kramer; Jean and Ken
Kramer; Helen M. Schoenfuss; Tina and Lloyd Kramer; Molly Fidler; Kurt, Nancy, Jackie and
A.J. Kramer; Paul and Eileen Bengtson; Edna Kramer; Glenn Kramer; Grace and George
Knapp; Ron, Brenda, Chris, Ronnie and Sara Hinkle; Barry Hinkle; Bob, Janice and Todd
Kramer; Donna and Greg Usavage; Marion Hinkle; Jason Rosenberger; Bob and Bonnie Hinkle;
Leonard, Nancy, Bethanne and Rhonda Knapp; Anne and Margaret Sterner