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Hobby & Recreation Group
August 21, 1988
Kramer Reunion
Descendants of Aaron and Hannah Kramer held their twenty-fourth annual reunion on Sunday,
August 21, at the home of Bob and Bonnie Hinkle, 111 Orchard Road, Perkasie, Pa.  Fifty-one
attended.  The weather was sunny but cool.

President Lloyd Kramer conducted the business meeting after a sumptuous meal.  Minutes
from the 1987 reunion were read and approved after some corrections were made.

A note from Kurt Kramer, of Pittsfield, Mass, was read.

There were no deaths to report.  Four births were announced:  
1) Colin Edward Pritz, son of David and Gail Pritz, born February 16, 1988, in Hawaii
2) Andrew James Kramer, son of Karl and Carol Kramer, born February 19, 1988, in Allentown,
3) Andrew Jonathon Kramer, son of Kurt and Nancy Kramer, born March 29, 1988, in Pittsfield,
4) Heather Nicole Kramer, daughter of Robin and Cindy Kramer, born April 6, 1988
The marriage of Amanda Erdman and D. Edward Jones in Florida on December 22, 1987, was

The present slate of officers was re-elected, namely, President - Lloyd Kramer, Vice President -
Clyde Kramer, Treasurer - Bob Hinkle, Secretary - Margaret Sterner.

It was announced that Heather Nicole Kramer, 4 months, was the youngest one present.  
George Knapp was the oldest, and Amanda and Eddie Jones the newest married couple.

The Kramer family solicitor, Terry Bossert, served as auctioneer after the business meeting
concluded.  The auction netted $37.15.

The 1989 reunion will be held the third Sunday in August at the home of Bob and Bonnie
Hinkle.  Doris Bossert and Molly Fidler volunteered to serve on the game committee.  The
president suggested that since it will be the 25th reunion that everyone should try to come.

It was recommended that the secretary get out the postcards announcing the reunion by the
Fourth of July.

The treasurer reported $46.23 as the 1987 balance.  1988 receipts wee $37.15 for the
auction.  1988 expenses included $5.85 for post cards, $16.25 for rental of tables and chairs,
$1.00 prize, $10.00 to Bob Hinkle for total expenses of $33.10, leaving a balance of $50.28 in
the treasury.

Respectfully submitted,
Margaret K. Sterner, Secretary

1988 attendance

Mr. and Mrs. D. Edward Jones; Heather Buskirk; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jones; Margaret and Anne
Sterner; Liz Steich and Kenny Knapp; Leonard, Nancy, Bethanne and Rhonda Knapp; Bill
Garrett; Eileen G. Bengtson; Grace and George L. Knapp; Glenn Kramer; Edna Kramer; Barry
and Betsy Hinkle; Janice, Bob and Todd Kramer; Ron, Brenda,Christopher and Rachel Hinkle;
Marian Hinkle; Alberta Frie; Bob and Bonnie Hinkle; Joe and Flo Haenn; Terry, Doris,Tara and
Gretchen Bossert; Lloyd and Tina Kramer; "Molly" Fidler; Greg and Donna Usavage; Robin,
Cindy, Sean, Matthew and Heather Kramer; Charles and Anna Mae (Detweiler) Felix - 85
Hilltown Pike, Line Lexington, PA  18932