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Hobby & Recreation Group
June 21, 2003
(42nd Annually Recorded Reunion)

The Annual Reunion of the Descendants of Aaron and Hannah Kramer was held Saturday,
June 21, 2003 at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Hilltown.  The change in location was due to
the cool weather and predicted rain.

We enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch thanks to all the great cooks in our family.
After the meal, President Molly Fidler called the business meeting to order.  The minutes from
last year were read and notes from Margaret Sterner and Lois Pritz were read.  Secretary
Bethanne Cassidy mentioned that records were discovered going back to 1961 for the annual
reunion and questioned whether anyone knew how long we have been gathering this way.  No
one could say for sure, so it was decided to go ahead and consider this the 42nd Annual

The following New news was reported:
The death of Nathaniel Sterner - August 15, 2002
The birth of Sydney Eileen Geyer - December 22, 2002 to Rhonda and Brian Geyer
The marriage of Gretchen Bossert and Brian Stroud - June 29, 2002
                      at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in New Orleans, LA
The marriage of Kimberly Elizabeth Haenn and Mark Todd Willett -
                             August 4, 2001 and who are expecting their first child
                              in December

Our President, Molly Fidler, suggested making donation to St. Peter's for the use of the hall.  It
was decided to donate $50.  Molly also presented the idea of making a donation to the Heiffer
Project, since we have an excess in our bank account.  A question was raised by Judie Herb
that weren't we going to check into having some of the family gravestones repaired with the
extra money we have?  Since it was unclear as to what stones needed repair, a recess was
taken while a group went across the street to the cemetery to check the condition of the family
stones. ( Made conveniently possible due to the change in reunion location )

During the recess, prizes were awarded in the following categories to those who were present:
Youngest Child Present - Sydney Geyer  (6 mos)
Oldest Person Present - George Knapp (95 yrs)
Most Recently Married - Kim and Todd Willett  (August 2001)
Longest Married - Grace and George Knapp  (70 years !!)
Traveled Farthest - Tie: Kim and Todd Willett, North Carolina
                            Sherry Knapp, Cincinnati, OH
We also had the cake walk and a cake was served celebrating Grace and George Knapp's
70th Anniversary.

The business meeting resumed when the "graveyard group" returned and reported that they
found some stones in need of repair.  Names were recorded with Don Herb and it will be
determined whom of these is part of our genealogy.  Joe Haenn, Jr. made a motion to form a
committee to oversee the gravestone project; the motion was seconded by Doris Bossert.  A
committee was formed headed by Leonard Knapp and volunteers.

Bob Hinkle gave the Treasurer's report, reporting a starting balance of $315.66.

It was mentioned that Kramer Reunion T-shirts are still available - please see Judie Herb to
purchase.  Those who wore a T-shirt received a pin for this year to put on their shirt.  Florence
Haenn gave a report on Helen and Dave Jones in Florida - they are doing well and send good

The Election of Officers was held with the same slate as last year being voted in.  Bob Hinkle
will reserve Menlo Park for next year's reunion, and will also check out the possibility of using
the Scout Cabin in Blooming Glen's Hilltown Park for future use.  The meeting was adjourned,
followed by our annual auction.

Following is a listing of profits and expenses for this year:
starting balance: $315.66
Auction proceeds: $153.50
T-shirts sold: $70.00
games expenses: -$34.00
postage expenses: -$15.50
pins expenses: -$5.25
Church donation: -$50.00
New balance: $434.41

Following is a list of the 37 people who attended this year's reunion:  Bethanne and Dan
Cassidy; Brian, Rhonda and Sydney Geyer; Kenneth and Liz Knapp; George and Grace
Knapp; Sally and John Scheer; Carol Norris; Lloyd and Norma Kramer; Molly Fidler; Doris
Bossert; Sherry Knapp; Ken Knapp; Leonard and Nancy Knapp; Bob and Janice Kramer; Barry
Hinkle; Bob Hinkle; Donna, Melissa, and Samantha Usavage; Judie and Don Herb; Joe and
Florence Haenn; Joseph F. Haenn; Todd and Kimmie Willett; Glenn Kramer; Eileen and Paul

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy                   
Kramer Reunion