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June 21, 2008
Kramer Reunion
The 47th Annual Kramer Reunion was held on June 21, 2008 at Al Reese Park, in Silverdale,
PA.  There were 31 people in attendance.  We had a beautiful sunny day for our activities.

After a little social time we had a wonderful lunch, followed by delicious desserts.  No one went
away hungry, that's for sure!

Following our meal, the business meeting was called to order by our Vice-President, Len
Knapp.  Our President, Barry Hinkle, was not able to attend this year due to some home
renovation projects.  Bethanne Cassidy read the minutes from last year.  There were no
additions or corrections, so the minutes were accepted.  The treasurer's report was given by
Bob Hinkle.  Our starting  balance from 2007 was $425.14.  We earned interest of $8.12 and
auction income of $152.50.  Expenses for postage and prizes came to $74.00.  Our final
balance for 2007 was $511.76.

Then the meeting was opened up to new business.  It was suggested that we donate the
proceeds from today's auction to the FISH organization.  There was one marriage to report:
Sean Kramer married Kate Hoy on May 10, 2008.  There was one birth to report:  Taylor Lynn
Kramer was born to Heather Buskirk and Jason Kramer on March 22, 2008.  There were no
deaths to report this year.

The afternoon continued with the annual auction, led by Joe F. Haenn.  There was some
vigorous bidding on so many unknown treasures.  Surely everyone got something that they
didn't even know they couldn't live without!  After our auction, Rhonda Geyer, game committee
chairperson, got the fun started with a peanut scramble and cake walk.  There's nothing like a
game where the prize is food!  The winner of the peanut scramble was Molly Fidler with a total
of 78 peanuts collected.

We took a break for more socializing and Rhonda handed out more prizes.  The categories and
winners were:
Married the Longest - Florence and Joe Haenn, 66 years
Most Recently Married - Rhonda and Brian Geyer, 9 years
Youngest Child Present - Sydney Geyer, 5 years old
Oldest Man Present - Joe Haenn, 91 years young
Oldest Woman Present - Florence Haenn, 87 years young
Traveled the Farthest - Dave and Helen Jones, Florida
Guess What's in the Box - Molly Fidler guessed "plastic clothes pins".  She was closest to the
Chip Clips in the box.
Guess How Many Candies in the Jar - Donna Usavage guessed 750.  She was closest to the
727 in the jar.

The following is a list of the 31 people in attendance this year:
Leonard and Nancy Knapp, Flo and Joe Haenn, Dave and Helen Jones, Doris Bossert, Marilyn
Kramer, Bob Hinkle, Kenneth and Liz Knapp, Joe and Molly Fidler, Glen Kramer, Sally and John
Scheer, Greg, Donna, Melissa and Samantha Usavage, Janice Kramer, Don and Judie Herb,
Joe Haenn and Lynn Van Scoyoc, Rhonda, Brian and Sydney Geyer, Eileen and Paul
Bengtson, Bethanne Cassidy

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy