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June 21, 2014
Kramer Reunion

The 53rd Annual Kramer Reunion was held on June 21, 2014 at Reese Park in Silverdale, PA.
There were 24 people in attendance.

We had lots of great food and fun. After some socializing and lunch, we held our business
meeting. Secretary Bethanne Cassidy read the minutes from last year.  Bob Hinkle, our treasurer,
reported a current balance of $348.90 in our account, which included a starting balance from last
year (2013) of $286.98 + $160.80 auction revenue - $29 postage - $50 game costs (2013
reunion costs) + $0.12 interest - $20 inactivity fee.  All reports were accepted and approved.  We
also then reimbursed Nancy Knapp for the 2014 reunion reservation fee of $100.00.  

In “New News” we had some celebrations. Weddings this year included the wedding of Rachel
Hinkle & Eddie Smith, June 14, 2014.  Rachel is the daughter of the Ronald Hinkle (granddaughter
of Marian (Kramer) Hinkle).  There was also the wedding of Christine Elizabeth Herb & William
Shawn White, May 3, 2014, in Maitland, Florida.  Christine is the daughter of Don & Judie Herb
(granddaughter of Joe and Florence (Kramer) Haenn).  David Kramer married Katrina O’Brien in
Australia on May 25, 2013.  David is the son of Mark & Ginny Kramer (grandson of Rev. Reuben
Elmer & Laura Kramer).

There was also a birth in the family this year.  A daughter, Alex Kramer, was born to Matt & Cory
Kramer on August 10, 2014.  Matt is the son of Robin and Cindy Kramer (grandson of Clyde &
Marilyn Kramer, and great-grandson of Clarence & Edna Kramer).

Unfortunately, we also had quite a few deaths in the family this year.  Robin S. Kramer, son of
Clyde & Marilyn Kramer, passed away on September 11, 2013.  Ron Hinkle, son of Robert &
Marian (Kramer) Hinkle, passed away on October 5, 2013.  Paul Kramer, son of Rev. Reuben
Elmer & Laura Kramer, passed away on March 11, 2014.  G. Leonard Knapp, son of George &
Grace (Kramer) Knapp, passed away on March 17, 2014.  We also learned of another death a
few years ago: David Rees – husband of Anna Marie (Curtis) Rees – passed away in October of
2012.  Anna Marie is the daughter of Willard & Esther (Detweiler) Curtis (granddaughter of
Preston & Lizzie (Kramer) Detweiler.

Bethanne Cassidy was contacted this past year by Michael Curtis, son of Richard & Sherrie
Curtis.  Michael updated some family information and also told about his time serving in the Iraq
War and meeting his wife, Olena.  Michael said that Richard & Sherrie celebrated their 45th
Anniversary on June 8, 2013.  He emailed some photos that were added to the Kramer website.

Bethanne also received a message from Mark Kramer, updating the UK branch of the family.  
Daughter Katherine is living in Reading, England (west of London), and, as updated above, son
David married Katrina O’Brien in Australia on May 25, 2013.

In “Old News”, last year a motion was made, and accepted, to extend a formal ‘Thank You’ to Don
for all his professional input and work on the family tree.  This year, Bethanne Cassidy presented
a Certificate of Appreciation to Don Herb as recognition for all the wonderful work he has done on
our family tree!

We were notified this year of a price increase for reserving the use of the pavilion and/or building
(in case of rain) at Reese Park.  The new rate for Silverdale residents (we reserve in Marilyn
Kramer’s name) is now $100, plus another $100 refundable security deposit.  We had a
discussion as to whether we wanted to continue to hold the reunions here, and accept the new
cost, or research other locations.  Three people volunteered to check out other options.  Donna
Usavage will check out Green Lane Park in Green Lane; Liz Knapp will check out Molasses Creek
Park (near the Quakertown interchange of the PA Turnpike); and Bob Hinkle will check out the
availability of Menlo Park in Perkasie (where we used to hold reunions).  Once information is
received, we will make a final decision.

Janice Kramer told us about the Kramer Weekend gathering at her place in Tioga County this
past September.  Those in attendance, in addition to Janice, were Mark & Ginny Kramer, Barry &
Betsy Hinkle, Doris Bossert, Eileen & Paul Bengtson, and Donna Usavage.  This year’s gathering
is planned for the weekend of September 26-28, 2014.

The Election of Officers was held. All officers were re-elected into their positions:
President- Barry Hinkle; Vice-President- Janice Kramer; Treasurer- Bob Hinkle; Secretary-
Bethanne Cassidy; Entertainment Coordinator- Rhonda Geyer.

At the close of the business meeting, we commenced with the fun-filled auction festivities! A
reminder was made that the Silent Auction items were still available for bidding, and the Mystery
games were still available for guessing.  Rhonda Geyer then gave out our annual Awards prizes:
Most Recently Married – Sherry & Barry Brown, 9 years
Oldest Man Present – Joe Haenn, 97 years
Oldest Woman Present – Florence Haenn, 93 years
Traveled Farthest – Sherry & Barry Brown, Ohio
Longest Married – Joe & Florence Haenn, 72 years
Birthday Closest to June 21 – Judie Herb, June 1

The winners were announced in the Mystery games:  How Many Candies in the Jar? - there were
372 pieces, Judie Herb guessed 375.  What’s in the Box? – no winner.  No one guessed!  Better
luck next year!  
Then the Silent Auction items were given away to the winners:  Iron Pig tickets won by Bob Hinkle;
Cody Asche photo won by Bob Hinkle; Chase Utley photo won by Donna Usavage; Goblet w/
Kramer M&Ms won by Molly Fidler; another Goblet w/ Kramer M&Ms won by Sherry Knapp-Brown;
Bath products won by Janice Kramer; Bath & Body stuff won by Janice Kramer; Holly plant won by
Judie Herb; another Holly plant won by Eileen Bengtson; Screw-back Earrings won by Ken Knapp;
Clip Earrings won by Janice Kramer; Screw-back Earrings won by Janice Kramer.

We had more time for socializing and then warmed up leftovers for dinner.  A great day was had
by all!

The following were in attendance: Marilyn Kramer, Judie & Don Herb, Joe & Florence Haenn,
Nancy Knapp, Rhonda & Brian Geyer, Bethanne & Dan Cassidy, Bob Hinkle, Janice Kramer,
Donna Usavage, Samantha Usavage, Ken Knapp, Liz & Kenneth Knapp, Sherry Knapp-Brown &
Barry Brown, Molly Fidler, Barry & Betsy Hinkle, Paul & Eileen Bengtson.

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary