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Hobby & Recreation Group
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Hobby & Recreation Group
June 22, 1997
Kramer Reunion
The annual reunion of the descendants of Hannah & Aaron Kramer was held at Menlo Park,
Perkasie on Sunday 6/22/99.  Thirty-four people attended.

Before eating, everyone was gathered together for a group picture.

After lunch the business meeting was conducted by Janice Kramer.  The '96 minutes were read
& approved.

The treasurer reported a balance of $117.25.  Receipts for $19.20 in postage and $32.65 for
game prizes were submitted and paid.  The auction brought in $51.50.  

The following announcements came in a note from Margaret Sterner:
7/29/96 - David Sterner married Suzanne Harley and in December, David adopted         
Suzanne's son Ryan (b. 4/26/85)
5/14/97 - Rachel Elizabeth was born to David & Suzanne
7/5/97  - Anne Sterner married Anthony Acri

Elections were held with the following results:
President: Eileen Bengtson
Vice-President: Janice Kramer
Secretary: Betsy Hinkle
Treasurer: Bob Hinkle
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Mark Kramer
Game Committee:  Liz Knapp & Jennifer Crowe

Prizes were awarded for the following:
Oldest Man - George Knapp
Oldest Lady - Grace Knapp
Youngest Child - Samantha Usavage
Most Recent Marriage - Jennifer & Greg Crowe
Farthest Traveled - Mark Kramer (England)

Next year's reunion will again be held the Sunday after Father's Day, 6/28/98.

The following attended this year:
Greg, Donna, Allison, Melissa & Samantha Usavage; Janice & Bob Kramer; Mark Kramer;
Grace & George Knapp; Greg & Jennifer Crowe; Lloyd Kramer; Edna Kramer; Glenn Kramer;
Judie & Don Herb; Rhonda Knapp and Brian Geyer; Leonard & Nancy Knapp; Bethanne & Dan
Cassidy; Ken & Liz Knapp;
Eileen & Paul Bengtson; Heather Buskirk and Jason Kramer; Bob Hinkle; Helen & Dave Jones;
Barry & Betsy Hinkle.

Respectfully Submitted,
Betsy Hinkle