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Hobby & Recreation Group
June 22, 2002
Kramer Reunion

The 38th Annual Reunion of the descendants of Aaron & Hannah Kramer was held this
Saturday, June 22, 2002 at the pavilion at Menlo Park, Perkasie.  39 people attended.

After a wonderful buffet meal, with goodies provided by everyone, the business meeting was
called to order by Eileen Bengtson.  The minutes from last year were read and accepted.  The
treasurer reported a balance of $422.30.  Receipts were submitted for postage: $20.74,
games: $35.90, and t-shirts: $424.50.  The auction collected $94.51 and the sale of the new
Kramer t-shirts was $280.00.  We ended with a final balance of $315.66.

Elections were held with some new officers being voted in:
President - Molly Fidler
Vice-President - Janice Kramer
Secretary - Bethanne Cassidy
Treasurer - Bob Hinkle
Game Committee - Donna Usavage & girls
It was agreed to meet again at Menlo Park next year on June 21, 2003.

Family news included the births of        
Evan William Garrett, born 12/27/01 in Las Vegas, NV to Bill and Paula Garrett
Tyler Crowe, born 3/30/00, adopted December 2001 by Jennifer (Fidler) & Greg Crowe
Harmon Samuel Crowe, born 6/13/02 to Jennifer (Fidler) & Greg Crowe
Annalise Porreca, born 8/28/01, to Anne (Sterner) Porreca
Also noted was the death of Ken Kramer, 9/10/01

Prizes were awarded for the following:
Oldest Person Present - George Knapp (94)
Youngest Person Present - Evan Garrett (7 mo)
Traveled Farthest - Lois Pritz (Texas)
Most Recently Married - Lloyd & Norma Kramer
Longest Married - George & Grace Knapp (69 yrs on 6/24/02)

The meeting was adjourned and the day continued with many games played, earning points for
the two teams we had been grouped into for the day - the Red team and the Blue team.  The
Red Team was the winner for the day!

Those attending this year's reunion are as follows:
Bob Hinkle; Helen & Dave Jones; Marilyn Kramer; Barry & Betsy Hinkle; Doris Bossert; Lloyd &
Norma Kramer; Florence & Joe Haenn; Judie Herb; Dan & Bethanne Cassidy; Len & Nancy
Knapp; Ken & Liz Knapp; Brian & Rhonda Geyer; Margaret Sterner; Lois Pritz; Janice & Bob
Kramer; Molly & Joe Fidler; Glenn Kramer; Annalise Porreca; Matthew Porreca; Anne Porreca;
Dan Garrett; Bill, Paula, Gwen & Evan Garrett; Paul & Eileen Bengtson; George & Grace Knapp

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy