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June 22, 2013
Kramer Reunion

The 52nd Annual Kramer Reunion was held on June 22, 2013 at Reese Park in Silverdale, PA.  
There were 25 people in attendance.  

We had lots of great food and fun.  After some socializing and lunch, we held our business
meeting.  Bob Hinkle, our treasurer, reported a balance of $286.98, including $0.13 interest, in
our account.  Secretary Bethanne Cassidy read the minutes from last year.  All reports were
agreed upon and accepted.

The Election of Officers was held.  The following people were elected into positions:
President – Barry Hinkle; Vice-President – Janice Kramer; Treasurer – Bob Hinkle; Secretary –
Bethanne Cassidy; Entertainment Co-ordinator – Rhonda Geyer.

In ‘Old News’ our historian, Don Herb, gave an update on the family tree.  There are 3,007 names
in our Genealogy book.  At prior reunions, the discussion was brought up about finding a
professional genealogist to give us some information, but it was determined to be too expensive
for us to handle, and really not necessary.  Don requested that everyone send in photos of family
members to attach with their names in the book.  If you are able to scan and email them, please
contact Bethanne to get Don’s email address.  A motion was made, and accepted, to extend a
formal ‘Thank You’ to Don for all his professional input and work on the family tree!  
A motion was also made, and accepted, to reimburse Leonard and Nancy Knapp for covering the
building reservation fee.

In ‘New News’ we had some celebrations.  Doris Bossert announced that her daughter Tara
Bossert married Kenneth Cross III on August 11, 2012 in Newville, PA.  Tara is also in her second
year of a Graduate program for Physicians Assistant at Lock Haven University.  Marilyn Kramer
announced that her grandson, Sean Kramer, was graduating from Clarkson University with a
Doctorate in Math.  Marilyn will also become a great-grandmother in August 2013, as her
grandson Matthew and wife Cory are expecting.  Patty Buskirk announced the birth of her
grandson, Jason Thomas Kramer, Jr on October 22, 2012 to Heather and Jason Kramer.  Patty
also announced that her dad, Dave Jones, will be celebrating his 90th birthday in January.  A
reminder will go out so that everyone can send him birthday cards to help celebrate!

Janice Kramer once again invited everyone to her place in Tioga County for another family
weekend gathering in September.  The dates of September 27-29, 2013 were decided upon.  
More info will follow.

At the close of the business meeting, we commenced with the fun-filled auction festivities!  A
reminder was made that the silent auction items were still available for bidding, and the Mystery
games were still available for guessing.

Rhonda Geyer got some fun activities going, with an unusual scavenger hunt, a water balloon
toss and the annual peanut scramble.  Bethanne Cassidy also passed out a Kramer Crossword
puzzle, with prizes for the first three people to complete it.  The winners of the silent auctions were
announced.  Prizes were given out for the following games:  How Many Candies in the Jar – Molly
Fidler; How Many M&Ms in the Jar – Nancy Knapp; What’s in the Box – Brian Geyer; Crossword
Puzzle Winners – Barry Hinkle, Marilyn Kramer, Don Herb; Peanut Scramble Winner – Marilyn
Kramer.  Prizes were also given out for the following categories:  Oldest Man Present – Paul
Bengtson, 84 years; Oldest Woman Present – Nancy Knapp, 75; Traveled the Farthest – Sherry
Knapp Brown & Barry Brown, Ohio; Most Recently Married – Sherry Knapp Brown & Barry Brown,
8 years; Married the Longest – Molly & Joe Fidler, 49 years; Person Closest to age 52 (same as #
of reunions) – Sherry Knapp Brown.

We had more time for socializing, checking out the family history documents, and then ordered
pizza for dinner.  A great day was had by all!

The following were in attendance: Molly & Joe Fidler, Judie & Don Herb, Janice Kramer, Barry &
Betsy Hinkle, Liz & Ken Knapp, Marilyn Kramer, Leonard & Nancy Knapp, Bob Hinkle, Glen
Kramer, Dan & Bethanne Cassidy, Rhonda, Brian & Sydney Geyer, Sherry Knapp Brown & Barry
Brown, Eileen & Paul Bengtson, Doris Bossert, Patty Buskirk

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary