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June 22, 2019
Kramer Reunion

The 58th Annual Kramer Reunion was held on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Reese Park in
Silverdale, PA.  There were 23 people in attendance.

It was a lovely day to be outside.  The group began to gather around 12:00 and had some time for
socializing.  Once the tables were set up with the great food that everyone brought, we enjoyed a
wonderful lunch and dessert!

After our meal and some more socializing, we began the Business Meeting.  Our President was not
able to attend, so 1st Vice President Janice Kramer called the meeting to order.  In Old news, the
minutes from last year were read by Bethanne Cassidy, and accepted.  In New news, Donna
Usavage announced that daughter Allison and her husband Tyler became parents to daughter
Mara Chase, on April 22, 2019.  Marilyn Kramer announced that her grandson Matthew and wife
Cori had their fourth child, a son – Kai Kramer, born on April 9, 2019.  There were 2 deaths
reported this year.  Glenn Kramer, son of the late Clarence and Edna Kramer, passed away on
August 11, 2018.  Many of our family members had attended Glenn’s service.  David Jones,
husband of the late Helen (Kramer) Jones, passed away in Florida on April 22, 2019.  Uncle Dave’s
daughter, Patty Buskirk, came to the reunion and we held a small memorial service for Uncle Dave,
since so many of those who loved him were in attendance.  There were some wonderful stories

Donna Usavage then gave the Treasurer’s Report.  We had a starting balance of $347.49.  Park
rental of $100, reimbursement for prizes of $24 and postage of $31 totaled $155 in expenditures.   
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.  Later in the day, our auctions this year added $202.00 for
an ending balance of $394.49.

The Election of Officers was held, with the same people re-elected: President – Barry Hinkle; 1st
Vice President – Janice Kramer; 2nd Vice President – Judie Herb; Treasurer – Donna Usavage;
Secretary – Bethanne Cassidy; Entertainment Coordinator – Rhonda Geyer.

Other news that was announced:  Donna Usavage announced that daughter Samantha Usavage
graduated from Penn State in September with a degree in Supply Chain Management.  Doris
Bossert announced that she had discovered a family link through our Crouthamel line of ancestors
that qualified for membership in The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  
It was also announced that another Cousins Weekend would take place this fall in Tioga County,
PA, under the invitation of new property owners, Donna & Greg Usavage (daughter of previous
owner, Janice Kramer).  Arrangements will be made by email in the future.  The Cousins Weekend
last October was a nice weekend, with a trip to the Corning Museum - including a tour.
Donna Usavage told us that she had her grandmother, Marian Hinkle’s, piano, which was in need
of repair. Since no one in the family had been interested in taking the piano, it was disassembled
and Donna had key chains made from the piano hammers as mementos.  Everyone was invited to
take one with them.

The meeting was then turned over to Rhonda Geyer for the Games and Entertainment portion.  
Awards were given out for the following:  Oldest Man Present – Joe Haenn, 102 yrs old; Oldest
Woman Present – Nancy Knapp, 81 yrs old; Youngest Child Present – John Fidler, 3 ½ yrs old;
Traveled the Farthest – Chris & Heidi Fidler, Richmond, VA;  Most Recently Married – Chris & Heidi
Fidler, 12 yrs; Longest Married – Joe & Molly Fidler, 53 yrs.
Other prizes awarded: What’s In The Box – there were no correct guesses; How many Candies in
the Jar – the actual number was 86, John Fidler guessed 81 and won the jar!

The annual “white elephant” Auction, Silent Auction and the Peanut Scramble followed with fun for

Those in attendance were: Janice Kramer, Don & Judie Herb, Joe Haenn, Donna Usavage,
Kenneth & Liz Knapp, Marilyn Kramer, Joe & Molly Fidler, Dan & Bethanne Cassidy, Doris Bossert,
Nancy Knapp, Rhonda Geyer, Eileen & Paul Bengtson, Chris, Heidi, Dean and Jonathon Fidler,
Sherry Knapp-Brown, Ken Knapp

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary