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June 23, 2001
Kramer Reunion

The annual reunion of the descendants of Hannah & Aaron Kramer was held Saturday, 6/23/01
at Menlo Park, Perkasie,  46 people attended.

After cleaning out the usual Kramer Buffet the business meeting was conducted by Eileen
Bengtson.  Last year's minutes were read & accepted.  The treasurer didn't report a balance
but my math says $386.05.

Receipts of $20.40 for postage and $30.74 for prizes were submitted and paid from the $85.25
collected from the auction.

There was a discussion about a Kramer Reunion T-shirt.  Bethanne Cassidy came up with a
great design and Judy Herb and Leonard Knapp will follow through so the shirts will be
available next year.

Elections were held with the following results:
Officers - same
Game committee - The Usavages and Jennifer & Greg Crowe
Janice Kramer will reserve the pavilion

Family updates include:
the deaths of Clyde Kramer - 9/16/00
          Edna Kramer - 10/15/00
Cousin Helen Schoenfuss - 2/?/01
   Don Pritz - 2 weeks ago - 6/09/01
Gretchen Bossert and Brian Stroud announced their engagement.

Prizes were awarded as follows:
Youngest - Samantha Usavage (5 years)
Most Mature - George Knapp (93 years)
Most Recently Married - Rhonda and Brian Geyer (2 1/2 years)
Traveled the Farthest - Joe and Florence Haenn (Tampa)
Longest Married - George and Grace Knapp

Next year's reunion will be the Saturday after Father's Day, 6/22/02 at Menlo Park.

The following attended this year's reunion:  Greg, Donna, Allison, Melissa and Samantha
Usavage; Barry and Betsy Hinkle; Bethanne and Dan Cassidy; Bob Hinkle; George and Grace
Knapp; Doris Bossert; Gretchen Bossert and Brian Stroud; Sherry Knapp; Ron Hinkle; Sara
Hinkle; Don and Judie Herb; Joe and Florence Haenn; Joe Haenn and Lynn Van Scoyoc;
Kimmie Cupp; Dave and Helen Jones; Carol Norris; Lloyd Kramer; Norma Pauley; Bob and
Janice Kramer; Lola and Paul Sterner; Glen Kramer; Sally and John Scheer; Marilyn Kramer;
Rhonda and Brian Geyer; Leonard and Nancy Knapp; Kenneth Knapp; Liz Knapp; Eileen and
Paul Bengtson

Respectfully Submitted by Betsy Hinkle