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June 23, 2007
Kramer Reunion
The 46th Annual Reunion of the Descendants of Aaron and Hannah Kramer was held
Saturday, June 23, 2007 at Reese Park in Silverdale, PA.  33 people were in attendance.  We
had a beautiful day with sunshine and a nice breeze.

We gathered and socialized for a little while before having lunch. Once everyone was ready to
eat, the blessing was given by Mark Kramer, who came to visit from England.  After the blessing
we all dug in to the many wonderful  dishes offered by our family members. Janice Kramer
brought a large birthday cake to celebrate the 50th birthday of her brother, Ron Hinkle. We all
sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed birthday cake, along with all the other desserts on the table!

After lunch we relaxed and socialized. It appeared that a full stomach brought out the youthful
side of some of our "bigger" kids as some of the adults took over the playground equipment,
taking turns on the sliding board, the see-saw, and the rocking horses. Family reunions seem
to bring out the kid in everyone! Games of quoits and a pinata for the kids were more fun
during the day.

After some fun time, we took a break to have our business meeting. Barry Hinkle called the
meeting to order and Bethanne Cassidy read the minutes from last year's reunion. There were
no changes or additions, so the minutes were accepted. Bob Hinkle gave the Treasurer's
report. Last year's starting balance was $351.09. Proceeds from last year included $153 from
the auction, $10 from the t-shirts, and $4.03 interest. Expenses for last year included postage,
and for use of the park. Ending balance was a total of $425.14. The treasurer's report was

The meeting was then opened up to New Business. Bethanne Cassidy reported on research
done for pricing on having cookbooks printed. It was decided to try to do it ourselves to save
money. Bob Hinkle said he could do the printing, and Doris Bossert said she had equipment
available to do the binding of the books. Bethanne had recipe forms available to get started
with, and will get forms put on the website to access. We would like to have all kinds of recipes,
from meals brought to the reunions to handed-down family treasures that we can continue to
pass down.

Mark Kramer then read a letter from his sister, Margaret Sterner, who was not able to attend,
which included updates on herself and her family. Mark then gave us an update on his family
and the current traveling he's been doing. It was such a nice surprise to see Mark again. We
love to have family members come to the reunions, no matter how long it's been since we've
last seen them! If you haven't been to a reunion in a long time, please consider making a trip,
or at least sending a note updating us on how you are doing!

There were no births to report this year. We lost three members of our family this past summer.
Bob Kramer passed away on August 8, 2006 at the age of 69. Lloyd Kramer passed away on
August 19, 2006 at the age of 88. Lastly, Grace Knapp passed away on September 11, 2006 at
the age of 94. They will be greatly missed, but we have many wonderful memories to share.
There was one marriage this year: Christopher Fidler married Heidi Bauer on October 14, 2006
in Appomattox Courthouse, VA.

The meeting continued with the Election of Officers. The motion was made, and seconded, to
re-elect the current slate of officers. The following were re-elected to office: Barry Hinkle,
President; Len Knapp, Vice-President; Bob Hinkle, Treasurer; Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary;
Rhonda Geyer, Game Committee. It was agreed to meet again at Reese Park for next year's
reunion, on June 21, 2008. It was also noted that the park fee has now gone up to $50.00.

It was then time for the Game Committee to give out awards. The Oldest Woman Present was
Florence Haenn, 86 years. The Oldest Man Present was Joe Haenn, 90 years. The Youngest
Child Present was Sydney Geyer, 4 years. The Person Traveling the Farthest was Mark
Kramer, England. The Couple Most Recently Married was Sherry Knapp-Brown and Barry
Brown, 2 years.

The reunion then continued with our annual auction, led this year by Bob Hinkle. Everyone had
a good time spending their dollars, and cents in many cases! After the auction the Game
Committee organized a peanut scramble. The youngest and oldest present were given a head
start, then the rest of us went for the peanuts! The kid with the most peanuts was Melissa
Usavage - 87 peanuts, and the adult with the most peanuts was Marilyn Kramer - 94 peanuts.
We then took a break for more socializing, and peanut eating. Once everyone had regained
their strength we held the cake walk, with eleven winners of yummy goodies. The last item on
the agenda for the Game Committee was announcing the winners for Guess What's in the Box,
and Guess How Many Candies in the Jar. The item in the box was two spatulas, and the closest
guess was Ken Knapp who guessed "spoons". The amount of candies in the jar was 154
pieces, and the closest guess was Eileen Bengtson who guessed 156 pieces. Everyone had a
good time, and we're looking forward to next year!

Those who attended this year were: Joe and Florence Haenn; Barry and Betsy Hinkle; Janice
Kramer and puppy Kandi; Donna, Greg, Melissa and Samantha Usavage; Len and Nancy
Knapp; Sally and John Scheer; Paul and Eileen Bengtson; Ron and Sara Hinkle; Rhonda and
Sydney Geyer; Bethanne Cassidy; Liz and Ken Knapp; Sherry Knapp-Brown and Barry Brown;
Bob Hinkle; Marilyn Kramer; Mark Kramer; Doris Bossert; Glen Kramer; Joe and Molly Fidler;
Julie Knapp; Kenny Knapp.

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy