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June 23, 2012
Kramer Reunion

The 51st Annual Kramer Reunion was held on June 23, 2012 at Reese Park in Silverdale, PA.  
There were 26 people in attendance.  

After some socializing and wonderful lunch, our Vice-President Barry Hinkle conducted our family
meeting, since our President Doris Bossert was not able to attend.  The minutes from last year
were read by Bethanne Cassidy, and were accepted.  Treasurer, Bob Hinkle, gave the
Treasurer's report, reporting a balance of $288.16 in the account, including a whole 14 cents in

There was one birth to report this year.  Ron Hinkle's daughter, Rachel Hinkle and Eddie Smith,
gave birth in August 2011 (date?) to a daughter, Sophia Mae.

Unfortunately, there were 4 deaths to report this year.  Helen Jones passed away on July 11, 2011
in Zephyrhills, Florida; Harvey Bishop passed away on February 7, 2012 in Dublin, PA; Julie
Knapp passed away on March 5, 2012 in Souderton, PA; and Greg Crowe passed away on March
11, 2012 in Columbia, MD.  A moment of silence was held to honor their memories.

In other family news, Melissa Usavage is graduating from Boyertown High School this year and will
be attending Macalester College in Minnesota, majoring in Russia and International Studies.  Also,
Eileen Bengtson was in the process of training a Guide Dog puppy, named Maxie.  Eileen told us
about the journey and process of the training and also about the Guide Dog program.  There was
also a discussion started about updating the family tree information, and submitting photos to Don
Herb to help put faces and names together.  Someone made the suggestion of checking out the
cost of hiring a professional genealogist.  We'll check it out.

We held the Election of Officers.  Through email, Doris Bossert resigned as President, due to job
commitments.  Dan Cassidy was elected as President.  (I believe he is our first 1/2 German, 1/2
Irish, 'related by marriage' Kramer to hold the office!)  Barry Hinkle was re-elected as
Vice-President, Bob Hinkle was re-elected as Treasurer, Bethanne Cassidy was re-elected as
Secretary, and Rhonda Geyer was re-elected to Entertainment Coordinator (new name for Game
Committee!)  This brought a close to our business meeting.

Barry Hinkle let everyone know that there was a computer set up to record video greeting to Ron
Hinkle.  Everyone took their turns saying 'Hello' to Ronnie!

We also commemorated a special occasion.  May 23rd was the 70th Wedding Anniversary of
Florence & Joe Haenn.  Their children, Judie Herb and Joe Haenn, presented a cake and invited a
number of other family and friends to join us for the afternoon and celebrate Aunt Florence &
Uncle Joe.

Many of our guests joined in for the games and activities provided by Rhonda, our Entertainment
Coordinator.  Our annual peanut scramble was enjoyed by many.  The winner in the Children's
category was Halle Frederick (one of the Haenn's guests) with 76 peanuts, and the Adult winner
was Marilyn Kramer with 59 peanuts.  Prizes were awarded in the following categories:  Oldest
Man Present - Joe Haenn, Traveled Farthest - Joe Haenn, Jr., Charlotte, NC;  Youngest Child
Present - went to one of the Haenn's guests (didn't get the name);  Most Recently Married -
Rhonda & Brian Geyer, 13 years;  Longest Married - Joe & Florence Haenn, 70 years.  Our
annual white elephant auction and our silent auction gave everyone a chance to spend some
money on wonderful goodies for a good cause (our bank account)!

We ordered pizzas for dinner and continued socializing, which included a water balloon fight
among the 'big' kids!  It seems a great time was had by all!

Those who attended:  Barry & Betsy Hinkle, Glenn Kramer, Greg & Donna Usavage, Janice
Kramer, Marilyn Kramer, Bob Hinkle, Eileen & Paul Bengtson, Rhonda, Brian, and Sydney Geyer,
Bethanne & Dan Cassidy, Len & Nancy Knapp, Joe Haenn & Lynn Van Scoyoc, Joe Haenn Jr.,
Don & Judie Herb, Joe & Molly Fidler.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy