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June 23, 2018
Kramer Reunion

The 57th Annual Kramer Reunion was held on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at Reese Park in
Silverdale, PA.  There were 24 people in attendance.

We had a bit of a rainy day, so we gathered in the social/meeting room of the Borough Hall on the
premises.  We set up extra tables and chairs and we were able to make use of the kitchen area
for our food.  We socialized for a little while, and then enjoyed a meal filled with delicious
contributions from our family members.

After lunch, we held the Business Meeting, led by our president, Barry Hinkle.  In Old News,
secretary Bethanne Cassidy read the minutes from last year, which were accepted by all.  Bob
Hinkle then gave the Treasurer’s Report.  With a starting balance of $395.49, we earned $137
from last year’s auctions, and also had a $5 donation.  Payouts included $100 for the park rental,
$30 for postage, $20 for games & prizes and $40 for pizza.  This gave us an ending balance of
$347.49.  We then agreed to meet again next year at the same place and the same day – the
Saturday after Father’s Day.

The meeting was opened to New News.  We had one Birth announcement this year - Marilyn
Kramer announced that her grandson Sean Kramer and his wife Kate had a daughter named Eliza
Susan on June 5, 2018.  Sherry Knapp-Brown and Barry Brown announced that Barry’s daughter
was working on adopting her foster child.  Molly & Joe Fidler announced that daughter Jennifer
Crowe’s son was graduating from High School this year.  Bob Hinkle also told us that he and his
wife, Bonnie, were planning to retire and move to Florida this coming year.  Don Herb reminded
everyone to send in photos of family members for the family tree.  Please send the photos in .jpg

Judie Herb and her father, Joe Haenn, told us about their trip to Washington DC for the 75th
Anniversary of WW2 and a reunion of his 467th Bomber Group.  During the trip they visited the
Air & Space Museum at Dulles, the World War 2 Museum, the Air Force Memorial, The Pentagon,
the 9/11 Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery.

In other New News, Eileen & Paul Bengtson told us about the retirement community they moved to
in Mystic, CT.  They have lots of activities and wonderful meals.  Eileen is the editor of the
community newsletter, and Paul has been featured in some photos in the community brochure!  
Janice Kramer also moved from Tioga County, PA down to a community in Harleysville, PA, a bit
closer to her home area. She told us there are lots of activities and delicious meals where she
lives also, and she said there is also a pub!  Doris Bossert and Sherry Knapp-Brown are planning
a trip to Alaska this coming year.  We can’t wait to hear about this trip at next year’s reunion!

The Election of Officers was held next.  Since Bob Hinkle, our Treasurer, was planning a move to
Florida, we thought we should elect a replacement for the position.  The following were elected to
President – Barry Hinkle; 1st Vice President – Janice Kramer; 2nd Vice President – Judie Herb;
Treasurer – Donna Usavage; Secretary – Bethanne Cassidy; Entertainment Coordinator –
Rhonda Geyer.

Then the afternoon was turned over to Rhonda Geyer for games and activities.  Prizes were
awarded for the following:  Traveled the Farthest to attend – Barry & Sherry Knapp-Brown, from
Cincinnati, OH.; Oldest Woman Present – Nancy Knapp, 80 years young;  Oldest Man Present –
Joe Haenn, 101 years young;  Youngest Child Present – Sydney Geyer, 15 years old;  Most
Recently Married – Barry & Sherry Knapp-Brown, 13 years;  Couple Married the Longest – Barry
& Betsy Hinkle, 48 years.  There were also Guessing Games.  What’s In The Box was won by
Bethanne Cassidy when she guessed that there was Candy in the box.  How Many Candies In The
Jar was won by Donna Usavage with the closest guess of 78 pieces; the actual count was 93
pieces.  Since we were inside today due to the rain, Bethanne also provided some indoor games.  
We did a reunion-related Word Search and participated in a 20 Questions Quiz about ourselves,
then shared some of our answers in order to learn some new things about each other.
It was then time to have our auction.  Treasurer Bob Hinkle and Treasurer-Elect Donna Usavage
led the auction of wrapped items and, along with our silent auction, lots of goodies went to new
homes.  We then all gathered for a group photo to commemorate the day.  A great time was had
by all!

Those in attendance were: Barry & Betsy Hinkle; Bob Hinkle; Ken & Liz Knapp; Nancy Knapp;
Bethanne & Dan Cassidy; Glenn Kramer; Jon Egner; Marilyn Kramer; Janice Kramer; Rhonda,
Sydney & Brian Geyer; Don & Judie Herb; Joseph Haenn; Eileen & Paul Bengtson; Sherry Knapp-
Brown & Barry Brown; Donna Usavage; Kenny Knapp

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary