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Hobby & Recreation Group
June 24, 2006
Kramer Reunion
The 45th Annual Reunion of the Descendants of Aaron and Hannah Kramer was held new
indoor facilities!  As they say, when God closes a door, he opens a window.  Hope the group
who took Menlo Park from us didn't get too wet!!

We spent a little time socializing, then dug into the wonderful dishes everyone brought to eat.  
The meals and desserts were all wonderful!  Thanks to everyone who shared their talents!  
Special thanks to Judie & Don Herb for bringing the homemade root beer!

After our meal, Barry Hinkle called the business meeting to order.  Bethanne Cassidy read the
minutes from last year and the motion was made to accept them.  The order of Old Business
was addressed and it was noted by Lloyd Kramer that the family cemetery stones at St. Peter's
had been repaired by the church committee.  Bob Hinkle gave the Treasurer's Report for last
year.  Starting balance $526.91, interest $4.04, auction '05 $120.00, postage -$25.25, games
& prizes -$25.00, donation to Pennridge FISH -$250.00.  Reported ending balance $351.09.  
Bob brought along a nice thank you letter that he received from the FISH organization and
submitted the letter to Bethanne to keep with the records.  The treasurer's report was accepted.

The order of New Business was opened up, and Len Knapp asked everyone's thoughts on our
new location.  It was agreed to continue to meet here, and to confirm the date for next year's
reunion - June 23,2007.  We only pay  a $40 Resident fee for the use of the park & facility,
since we put the reservation under Marilyn Kramer's name, who lives in Silverdale.

There was one marriage this year - Dan Garrett married Lori Davis on April 1, 2005 in
Connecticut.  There was one birth reported this year - Christopher Hinkle and Deseree Hedrick
had a son, Seth Ayden Hinkle born December 1, 2005.  There were no deaths to report this
year.  Barry Hinkle noted that Bob Kramer has been ill and mentioned that it would be nice if
family members gave a call to Bob and Janice to say hi.  Barry gave Bob and Janice's phone
number - 814-435-2186.

Bethanne Cassidy brought up the idea of putting together a Kramer Family Cookbook.  There
appeared to be great interest in having something put together, so we will work on getting
details together for everyone to submit recipes and have them printed up.

Eileen Bengtson gave an update on Grace Knapp, living in Telford at the Lutheran Home, and
Florence Haenn gave an update on Dave and Helen Jones in Florida.

After the business meeting, the activities continued with Joe F. Haenn leading the auction.  
There were quite a few bidding wars over the unknown items and even the kids to into the
bidding - easy to do when it's with Dad's or Grampa's money!  Prizes were awarded for the
following: Oldest Woman Present - Florence Haenn, 85 years; Oldest Man Present - Joe
Haenn, 89 years; Youngest Child Present - Cody Willett, 28 months; Travelled Farthest -
Sherry Knapp-Brown and Barry Brown, Cincinnati, OH, 550 miles.

It was mentioned that we forgot the Election of Officers during the business meeting, so we took
nominations and voted on them.  The following were elected to office:  President - Barry Hinkle,
Vice-President - Len Knapp, Treasurer - Bob Hinkle, Secretary - Bethanne Cassidy, and in a
very unusual volunteer nomination, Game Committee - Rhonda Geyer.

Games during the day included Guess How Many Candies in the Jar and What's in the Box,
and a variety of craft activities for the kids.  Eileen Bengtson even organized a fun scavenger
hunt with teams looking to find people at the reunion who fit the characteristics of questions
listed on the search sheet - some examples of the characteristics: The person with the longest
mustache; Someone who likes to draw; Someone who is retired.  It was a fun way to find out a
little more about everyone!  Since we couldn't do the Cake Walk outside and there was not
enough room inside to parade around in a circle, the yummy baked goods were given away
with a Pick a Number process.  It was a good substitution.  Everyone had a good time and we'll
hope for better weather for next year!

The following people were in attendance:  Liz and Kenny Knapp; Sherry Knapp-Brown and
Barry Brown; Paul and Eileen Bengtson; Leonard and Nancy Knapp; Bethanne Cassidy;
Rhonda, Brian and Sydney Geyer; Joe Haenn, Jr.; Doris Bossert; John and Sally Scheer; Carol
Norris; Lloyd Kramer; Dan and Lori Garrett and boys (2); Barry and Betsy Hinkle; Bob Hinkle;
Kimmie and Cody Willett; Judie and Don Herb; Joe and Florence Haenn; Joe F. Haenn; Greg,
Jennifer, Harmon, Tyler, Julia and Zenia Crowe; Molly and Joe Fidler; Glen Kramer.

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy