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June 24, 2017
Kramer Reunion

The 56th Annual Kramer Reunion was held on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Reese Park in
Silverdale, PA.  There were 21 people in attendance.

We gathered for lunch and enjoyed all the delicious dishes provided by our family members.  After
some time for socializing we began the business meeting, led by our President, Barry Hinkle.  

In the category of Old News, the minutes from last year’s reunion were read by our Secretary,
Bethanne Cassidy.  The minutes were approved and seconded.  It was also mentioned that there
was a memorial service the weekend prior to our reunion for the late Mark Kramer, who passed in
2016, held in his hometown of Mahonoy City, PA, at his family church – where his father, Elmer,
was the pastor.  Barry Hinkle and Janice Kramer attended the service, and told us that it was a
very nice gathering.

We moved on to New News.  Marilyn Kramer announced the birth of her great-grandson, John
James Kramer, born April 12, 2017, to Matt & Cory Kramer.  Donna Usavage announced the
marriage of her daughter Alison to Tyler Fink, on July 2, 2016.  Alison also became a step-mother
to Tyler’s son Jonah, age 10 years old.  Alison and Tyler were married in a farmer’s market in
Ithaca, New York, at Lake Cayuga.  Janice Kramer announced that her granddaughter, Alyssa,
daughter of Todd & Lexy Kramer, graduated from high school this spring.  Janice went down to
Florida to attend the graduation.  We also celebrated a milestone birthday this year:  Uncle Joe
Haenn celebrated his 100th birthday on April 16, 2017!  Many family members had attended a
party that was held in his honor.  Eileen & Paul Bengtson announced that they had moved from
their old home in Connecticut to a new home in the town of Mystic, Connecticut.
We had a few deaths to report this year.  We were informed that Janet Bishop, daughter of Edna
(Detweiler) & Harvey Bishop, passed away on March 12, 2016.  Don & Judie Herb lost Don’s son,
Donald T. Herb, on March 25, 2017.  We also lost our matriarch, Florence Haenn, daughter of
Leidy & Jemima Kramer, on March 31, 2017.

After updating the family news we held the Election of Officers, with the same officers being re-
elected.  We also voted to hold our reunion the same weekend next year, and at the same

Our Treasurer, Bob Hinkle, gave the Treasurer’s Report.  Last year we raised $123 from the
regular auction and $49 from the silent auction for a total of $172 raised.  Our expenses paid out
last year were $100 to Nancy Knapp for the rental fee of the park, $29 for postage, and $25 for
games expenses, for a total expense cost of $154.  Our ending account balance was $395.49.

We then turned things over to Rhonda Geyer, our Entertainment Coordinator.  Rhonda handed
out recognitions and prizes for our reunion games.  The Attendance prizes were as follows:  
Person traveling the farthest – Sherry Knapp-Brown, Cincinnati, OH;  Oldest Man Present – Paul
Bengtson, age 88; Oldest Woman Present – Nancy Knapp, age 79; Most Recently Married Couple
– Sherry Knapp-Brown & Barry Brown, 12 years; Longest Married Couple – Molly & Joe Fidler, 51
years; Youngest Child Present – Dean Fidler, 5 years.  The prizes for the Guessing Games were:
How Many Candies in the Jar? – Actual number 372, Winner Bob Hinkle guessed 370; What is in
the Box #1? – Toothpaste, Winner Bethanne Cassidy; What is in the Box #2? – Tea Bags, no
immediate winner.  After some clues and group guessing, Janice Kramer finally guessed the

We then held the regular auction of wrapped items, led by Bob Hinkle.  And all the winners went
home with treasures they surely never could have imagined that they needed!  The rest of the
afternoon was spent socializing, playing horseshoes, and awarding the Silent Auction winners.   
For those who were still around, we ordered a pizza delivery for dinner.

Those who were in attendance: Glenn Kramer, Jon Egner, Rhonda & Brian Geyer, Donna
Usavage, Janice Kramer, Joe & Molly Fidler, Dean Fidler, Sherry Knapp-Brown, Judith Herb, Liz &
Kenny Knapp, Nancy Knapp, Bethanne & Dan Cassidy, Paul & Eileen Bengtson, Marilyn Kramer,
Barry Hinkle, Bob Hinkle

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy