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June 25, 2005
Kramer Reunion
The 44th Annual Reunion of the Descendants of Aaron and Hannah Kramer was held June 25,
2005 at the Pavilion at Menlo Park, Perkasie, PA.  We had a beautiful sunny day, although a bit
hotter than usual for June (it was in the low 90s).  51 people attended the day's festivities.

We started off with a wonderful lunch thanks to all the good cooks in the family! Thanks to
everyone for sharing their wonderful meals and yummy desserts!

After we had lunch, Barry Hinkle called the business meeting to order.  The first order of
businesswas to go over Old News.  Bethanne Cassidy read the minutes from last year, which were
accepted. Next, Bob Hinkle gave the Treasurer's Report, which listed a balance in our account of
$526.91. The report was accepted. Judie Herb reported that there are still some t-shirts left for sale
- Adult XL and Child L - $10 each. Judie also handed out Year pins to everyone wearing their
Kramer T-shirt.

The floor was then opened up for New Business. Lloyd Kramer suggested making a donation to
charity with some of the monies in our account.  Judie Herb also questioned what was happening
with the family gravestones in need of repair that we were going to put money towards. Lloyd
Kramer said that the cemetery committee at St. Peter's Church was aware of the damaged stones
and was looking into the repair. He will check with them to see if they have any needs for the
repairs. It was then decided to go ahead and take a vote on making a charity donation. Since our
roots stem from Silverdale and the surrounding area, it was suggested to make a donation to the
Pennridge Fish Organization, a local organization that supplies food to families in need. A vote was
taken and we decided to give $250 to Pennridge Fish. Leonard Knapp will get the contact
information together and get it to Bob Hinkle to send the money. Bethanne Cassidy then asked
those present whether anyone had been able to check out our new website, and if they thought it
was a good idea that should be continued or not. Everyone who had checked it out said it was a
good idea, and to keep going with it. Bethanne then asked that if anyone had any suggestions for
the site, please let her know.

Next on the agenda was the Election of Officers. Nominees were taken for President - Barry Hinkle
was nominated and elected. Nominees were taken for Vice President - Janice Kramer was
nominated; Leonard Knapp was nominated. In a show of hands vote of 13 to 14+, Leonard Knapp
was elected Vice President. Nominees were taken for Secretary - Bethanne Cassidy was nominated
and elected. Nominees were taken for Treasurer - Bob Hinkle was nominated and elected.
Nominations were taken for Game Committee - Eileen Bengtson was nominated and elected. The
new officers are as follows: President - Barry Hinkle; Vice President - Leonard Knapp; Treasurer -
Bob Hinkle; Secretary - Bethanne Cassidy; Game Committee - Eileen Bengtson

There were no births or deaths to report this year.  There was one marriange this year - Sherry
Knapp married Barry Brown on January 22, 2005 in Cincinnati, OH. Molly Fidler also reported
greetings from Margaret Sterner, who could not attend due to recuperating from surgery. It was
also noted that today is Leonard and Nancy Knapp's 39th Wedding Anniversary. A cake was
available to celebrate.

Prizes were awarded for the following categories: Youngest Child Present - Cody Willett, 18 months;
Oldest Woman Present - Grace Knapp, 93 years; Oldest Man Present - Joe Haenn, 88 years;
Traveled Farthest - Dave and Helen Jones, Florida.

We had some new faces this year (or at least not seen in a long while). Karl Kramer (one of the
triplets!), wife Carol and son Andy joined us this year, as did Joe F. Haenn, Jr. Judie Herb also
introduced her aunt, Eva Mann, and Lloyd Kramer introduced Lynn Thomas, daughter of his late
wife, Norma. It was great to see them all. Please come back again!

Joe F. Haenn then led the annual Auction, which raise $120.00. After the auction, the Games
committee took charge, leading a Peanut Scramble (one for Kids, one for Adults), Water Balloon
Toss, and a Cake Walk - held under the pavilion to help stay out of the hot sun. There were also
games and prizes for Guess How Many Candies in the Jar, and Guess What's in the Box.

The following people were in attendance: Florence and Joe Haenn; Karl Kramer, Carol Collins, and
Andy Kramer; Barry and Betsy Hinkle; Bob Hinkle; Sherry Knapp-Brown and Barry Brown; Grace
Knapp; Kenneth and Liz Knapp; Leonard and Nancy Knapp; Marilyn Kramer; Glenn Kramer; Ruth
Garrett; Eileen and Paul Bengtson; Kimmie and Cody Willett;Joseph F. Haenn and Lynn Van
Scoyoc; Joe Haenn Jr.; Don and Judith Herb; Dave and Helen Jones; Doris Bossert; Carol Norris;
Sally and John Scheer; Lloyd Kramer; Lynn Thomas; Eva Mann; Rhonda, Brian and Sydney Geyer;
Molly and Joe Fidler; Zenia, Julia, Harmon and Tyler Crowe; Janice and Bob Kramer; Melissa and
Samantha Usavage; Bethanne and Dan Cassidy.

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy