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Hobby & Recreation Group
June 26, 2004
Kramer Reunion
The 43rd Annual Reunion of the descendants of Aaron and Hannah Kramer was held
Saturday June 26, 2004 at the Pavilion at Menlo Park, Perkasie, PA.

We had a great day with nice weather, a terrific lunch and lots of games, including a 3-legged
race, water-balloon toss, cake walk, quoits, and of course the peanut scrambles - for kids and

The business meeting was called to order by our President, Molly Fidler.  The Treasurer's
report was read by Bob Hinkle and was accepted.  A starting balance of $315.66 was reported,
and after expenses and profits, a final balance of $434.41 was reported, which included
earned interest of $3.50 in our account!

Bethanne Cassidy read the Secretary's report of the minutes from last year's meeting and the
report was accepted.  Molly read a note to all from Margaret Sterner, who was unable to attend
the reunion.

While there was no old business to report, Judie Herb mentioned that she still has some
T-shirts available - size XL Adult and size 14/16 Child - for $10.00 each.

In the area of new business, there were no marriages to report this year.  Sadly, we had two
deaths this year: George Knapp - died August 3, 2003 and Norma Kramer - died June 18,2004.
We also had two births to record this year: Cody Willett - born December 24,2003 and Matthew
Truman Stroud - born February 10,2004.  The motion was made and accepted to reserve
Menlo Park again for next year's reunion on June 25, 2005.

Next on the agenda was the Election of Officers.  Molly Fidler announced her resignation as
President, so after nominations were entered, Barry Hinkle was voted in as our new President.  
The remaining officers were re-elected and are as follows: Vice-President - Janice Kramer;
Treasurer - Bob Hinkle; Secretary - Bethanne Cassidy.  The Game Committee for next year's
reunion will be Jennifer Crowe and her daughters Zenia and Julia.

Prizes were awarded in the following categories: Oldest Woman Present - Grace Knapp 92
years; Oldest Man Present - Joe Haenn 87 years; Youngest Child Present - split between Cody
Willett 6 months and Matthew Stroud 4 months; Traveled Farthest - Tara Bossert, California;
Most Recently Married - Kim and Todd Willett

The meeting was concluded and the activities resumed with the Auction, led by Joe Haenn, Jr.  
The auction raised $154.00 and included a few special items, including 2 items that belonged
to Jemima Kramer and a photograph taken by Don Herb.

A great time was had by all 51 people in attendance: Lloyd Kramer; Tara Bossert; Barry and
Betsy Hinkle; Janice and Bob Kramer; Melissa and Samantha Usavage; Marilyn Kramer; Glenn
Kramer; Bob Hinkle; Ruth Garrett; Gretchen, Brian and Matthew Stroud; Len and Nancy
Knapp; Bethanne and Dan Cassidy; Kenneth and Liz Knapp; Grace Knapp; Joe and Florence
Haenn; Joseph F. Haenn; Judie and Don Herb; Kimberly and Cody Willett; Jennifer, Greg,
Zenia, Julia, Tyler and Harmon Crowe; Rhonda and Sydney Geyer; Sherry Knapp and Barry
Brown; Ronald Hinkle, Sara, Matt and Rachel, Yoli; Molly and Joe Fidler; Mr & Mrs. John and
Sally Scheer; Carol Norris

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy