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June 26, 2010
Kramer Reunion

The 49th Annual Kramer Reunion was held on June 26, 2010 at Reese Park in Silverdale, PA.  
There were 25 people in attendance.

After a blessing was given, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with lots of good food and many
desserts.  When lunch was over there was much time spent socializing and playing quoits.  
Since our President and Treasurer were caught up in the quoits game, we had to wait until the
game was over in order to start the business meeting.

Once the business meeting began, we started with the business of Old News.  Bethanne
Cassidy started with the reading of the minutes from last year's reunion.  There were no
changes to be made, so the minutes were accepted.  Bob Hinkle then gave the Treasurer's
report.  He reported a 2009 starting balance of $437.14, with income of $152.37 from the
auction, and $4.09 interest.  Expenses included $31.25 for postage and $35 for games
supplies and prizes.  This left an ending balance of $527.35 for 2009.  One note was that we
forgot to send the donations to Ronald McDonald House and Shriner's Hospital that we had
voted on last year, so Bob will send those in this year.  The Treasurer's report was accepted.  
Then the meeting moved into New News.  Bethanne read RSVPs from Kurt Kramer, and Gail
and David Pritz.  It was also mentioned that some reunion notices were returned.  Notices
returned were for Alan Pritz and Susan Willetts, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kramer, and Mrs. J. Royce
(Arlene) Smith.  If anyone has news about these people, please forward this information to
Bethanne.  Eileen Bengtson and Florence Haenn gave an update on Helen and Dave Jones in
Florida, who have moved back into their home in Zephyr Hills following some time spent in an
assisted living facility after Dave had an injury.

There was one death reported this year.  Lois Myers Kramer Pritz passed away on May 1,
2010, after spending 7 months in home hospice care in the home of David and Gail Pritz in
There were no births reported this year, but we did have one baby in attendance.  Dan and
Lori Garrett brought their foster daughter, Emily Grace, born April 11, 2010.
There were no marriages reported this year.

The meeting then moved onto the topic of our 50th Reunion celebration.  Doris Bossert and
Sherry Knapp-Brown gave a report on their findings.  They had sent a survey out to everyone
on our mailing list, either by email or postal mail.  17 responses were received.  The two
popular choices for the celebration were to "have at same location" and "other ideas".  Other
ideas given were: bus trip, Philadelphia Zoo, Hershey Park, Knoebels, Janice Kramer's property
in Tioga County, PA.  Suggestions for extra activities at our present location were: hire musical
entertainment, a magician, or balloon artist.  Eileen Bengtson also suggested taking a walking
tour of Silverdale for reminiscing about where our relatives lived and worked.  Those of us in
attendance decided it would be more timely if we narrowed down a decision, instead of sending
all the new suggestions out in another survey.

It was decided to have our regularly occurring reunion, with the possibility of a tour of
Silverdale.  Bethanne Cassidy and Leonard Knapp will check into the possibility of a Trolley
tour  - easier to accommodate those who are unable to walk long distances easily.  As another
additional option, Janice Kramer and Doris Bossert will check out the possibility of holding a
weekend family get-together at Janice's place in Tioga County, PA, besides our regular reunion.

Doris Bossert also made the suggestion of extending the time of our annual reunion, allowing
for more time to visit with family members.  It was recalled that our reunions used to include
lunch and dinner meals.  Since our location offers a building with a kitchen and refrigerators,
we decided it would be easy to keep lunch leftovers stored for reheating at dinnertime, and
possibly supplementing the leftovers with an order of pizza to be delivered.  It was decided to
have next year's reunion start at 12 pm, with lunch at 1 pm and figure on dinner between 5 and
6 pm.  If there is enough interest, Bethanne can block a group of rooms at a local motel/hotel,
for a discounted rate, for those who would like to stay longer, but don't want to travel late.

The meeting continued with the Election of Officers. Barry Hinkle decided to give someone else
a shot at being President.  Nominations for President were Judie Herb and Doris Bossert.  Doris
was elected as President.  Barry Hinkle was then nominated and elected as Vice President.  We
re-elected Treasurer Bob Hinkle and Secretary Bethanne Cassidy.  Since Game Committee
chairperson, Rhonda Geyer, was not able to attend, she was re-elected by default.

Although the game committee was unable to attend, supplies for the games and prizes had
been delivered.  Prizes were given for the following:  Oldest Man Present - Joe Haenn, 93
years; Oldest Woman Present - Florence Haenn, 89 years;  Youngest Child Present - Emily
Garrett, 2 mos.; Traveled Farthest - Sherry Knapp-Brown, Ohio; Longest Married - Joe and
Florence Haenn, 68 years; Shortest Married - Sherry Knapp-Brown, 5 years.  The prize for
"How Much Candy In The Jar?" went to Dan Garrett.  There were 562 pieces, and Dan guessed
595.  The prize for "What's In The Box?" went to Lori Garrett.  The box contained a bag of
elbow macaroni, and Lori had the closest, almost exact, guess of "elbow noodles".

The rest of the afternoon included a trivia question test handed out by Leonard Knapp, and our
annual Auction.  For those who decided to stay a bit longer this year, a collection was taken up
and we had a few pizzas delivered for dinner.

We had an enjoyable day and look forward to next year!

Those in attendance were: Nancy and Len Knapp; Judie Herb; Florence and Joe Haenn; Sally
and John Scheer; Kenneth and Liz Knapp; Julie Knapp; Betsy and Barry Hinkle; Samantha and
Melissa Usavage; Sherry Knapp-Brown; Carol Norris; Doris Bossert; Molly and Joe Fidler;
Janice Kramer; Dan and Lori Garrett and Emily; Paul and Eileen Bengtson; Glen Kramer;
Bethanne Cassidy

Respectfully submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy