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June 27, 2009
Kramer Reunion
The 48th Annual Kramer Reunion was held on June 27, 2009 at Reese Park in Silverdale, PA.  
There were 32 people in attendance.

Once we had all gathered, and the food and tables were set up, the blessing was given by Paul
Bengtson.  We enjoyed lots of good food for lunch and topped it off with wonderful desserts.  
After our meal we took a break for lots of socializing.  We were pleasantly surprised by a visit
from Kurt and Nancy Kramer, who stopped by while on their way to New Jersey.  The have
moved back to the East Coast, so we hope they are able to visit with us more often!

The business meeting was called to order by our President, Barry Hinkle.  The minutes from
last year were read by Bethanne Cassidy, and were accepted.  The treasurer’s report was
given by Bob Hinkle.  A starting balance of $511.76 was reported, with $8.88 interest, $130.50
auction profit, and deductions for $52.00 postage, $32.00 game supplies, $5.00 bank fees, and
$125.00 donation to the Pennridge Fish organization.  The treasurer’s report was accepted.  
Bethanne also mentioned that we could still use more recipe donations for our cookbook, still a
work in process.  

The floor was opened up to New Business.  There was one marriage reported this year –
Matthew Kramer married Cory Davis on June 21, 2009 in Philadelphia.  Also reported was the
graduation of Chris Fidler from the University of Virginia with an MBA.
Helen Jones gave an update on cousin Arlene Smith, who moved into an assisted living home
in Maryland this year.  
A suggestion was also made to again make a donation to a charity this year with our auction
proceeds.  After debating on a few choices, the suggestion was made by Doris Bossert to
donate to both Shriners Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House, and was seconded by all in
attendance.  We will donate our auction proceeds plus $100 from our treasury, split evenly to
the two charities.  Barry Hinkle will get addresses for both organizations to Bob Hinkle to send
the donations.
The election of officers resulted in no changes to the current slate.  President Barry Hinkle,
Vice-President Leonard Knapp, Treasurer Bob Hinkle, Secretary Bethanne Cassidy and Game
Committee Rhonda Geyer all were unanimously re-elected to another term.  It was agreed to
meet again next year at the same location.  Leonard Knapp will take care of making the
Doris Bossert mentioned that in 2011 we will be celebrating our 50th annual reunion, and
perhaps we could consider something special for that occasion.  In addition to our regular
reunion, maybe people would like to gather together somewhere for a little longer than our one
day event.  Doris and Sherry Knapp-Brown volunteered to check out ideas and options, and will
report back at the next reunion.
With no further new business, the business meeting was adjourned.

Barry Hinkle then opened up the annual Auction.  There was one unwrapped item provided for
auction – a shawl made by Jemima Kramer, which was bought by Eileen Bengtson for $40.50.  
We then transitioned into our traditional wrapped items, with our final auction proceeds totaling
$152.37 that will go towards our charity donation.  The
Games committee awarded prizes for the following:
Youngest Child Present – Cody Willett, 5 yrs;  Oldest Man Present – Joe Haenn, 92 yrs;  Oldest
Woman Present – Florence Haenn, 88 yrs; Traveled Farthest – Helen and Dave Jones,
Florida;  Married Longest – Florence and Joe Haenn, 67 yrs; Married Shortest – Sherry and
Barry Brown.
Game winners were also announced for How Many Candies in the Jar – Barry Brown won with
closest guess of 114; Guess What’s in the Box – Barry Brown also won the picture frames that
were inside.  The last activity for the day was the Peanut Scramble, with fun had by young and
old alike.

Those in attendance were: Don and Judie Herb; Rhonda, Brian and Sydney Geyer; Eileen and
Paul Bengtson; Barry and Betsy Hinkle; Helen and Dave Jones; Kimmie and Cody Willett;
Janice Kramer; Len and Nancy Knapp; Sherry Knapp-Brown and Barry Brown; Doris Bossert;
Joe and Molly Fidler; Walter Fidler; Sally and John Scheer; Glenn Kramer; Marilyn Kramer; Bob
Hinkle; Joe and Florence Haenn; Kurt and Nancy Kramer; Bethanne Cassidy

Respectively Submitted,
Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary