Important Notice to Kramer Family Members Concerning
Change of Location for 2006 Reunion
Hello Kramer Cousins,

We are writing to inform you of a change in Reunion location for 2006.  Unfortunately, when Bob Hinkle went to
reserve the Menlo Park Pavilion the Monday after this past Reunion, he was told that someone else had
reserved it for the Saturday after Father’s Day, 2006 (June 24, 2006) and for every year after, indefinitely!  We
were not aware that reservations could be made more than 1 year in advance, but apparently they are, and
someone else did it.

We were forced to decide on either changing the Reunion date or changing the location.  We decided that the
prior Saturday would not be good, as it would be the day before Father’s Day, and if we went with the following
Saturday, we could be possibly competing with Fourth of July weekend (depending on how the calendar falls).  
We decided to stay with the current date of Saturday after Father’s Day, since we are all accustomed to that
date by now.

Members of the Executive Committee then went in search of suitable locations for our use.  A number of
locations were looked at, including other pavilions within the Lake Lenape Park, the Blooming Glen Playground
and Scout Cabin, Hilltown Park and Markey Park in Perkasie.  These locations were ruled out either for pavilion
size, too few picnic tables, no nearby restroom facilities, or no playground equipment.  Two locations were found
that seemed to be quite suitable: “Al Reese” Park in Silverdale and Molasses Creek Park in Milford - just outside
of Quakertown.  Both have large pavilions with plenty of picnic tables, electrical service, playground equipment,
plenty of parking, flat layout (no hills or steps to climb), and regular restrooms.  “Al Reese” Park in Silverdale
was considered most desirable, as most of us are familiar with Silverdale (where most of us or our parents came
from!) and it is only a few miles away from where we have been meeting in Menlo Park in Perkasie - this may be
helpful to those who are not very familiar with the area.  The park also has indoor facilities that we can use in
case of bad weather.  Reservations were made for the park shortly after Thanksgiving for June 24, 2006.

Included in this letter is a map showing the location of Reese Park in Silverdale (just behind the Borough Hall).  
As Routes 113 and 152 run through town, there is easy access from the Philadelphia / Allentown areas using
Route 309, and from the Lower Bucks County area using Routes 611 and 152.  If you would like to use a
Directions web-service, such as Mapquest, for more details, please use the physical address of the Borough
Hall: 100 Park Avenue, Silverdale, PA (if Silverdale doesn't work try using Perkasie as the town - Silverdale mail
is by PO Box only).

Hope to see you all on June 24th!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  This information
will also be posted on our Reunion Website.


Bethanne Cassidy
Secretary, Kramer Reunion

Officers: Barry Hinkle, President
Len Knapp, Vice-President
Bob Hinkle, Treasurer
Bethanne Cassidy, Secretary                
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